Our Thoughts

Are you sitting comfortably? I’m going to tell you a story…

How to tell a brand’s story in the best way to the greatest number of relevant people?

The proliferation of digital channels has created a huge opportunity for getting this right, but time and again we see missed opportunities, mixed messages and lack of cohesion between external and internal systems and resources.

The biggest disconnect is often between marketing and sales, the two teams who should be collaborating most closely and communicating most seamlessly.

So it’s all about the story

With digital simply providing powerful and cost effective channels for the storytelling.

The right story need only tick two (big) boxes – be true to the brand and be simple, interesting and motivating.

We can seed the story through the channels you own and buy, but the huge opportunity lies in the amplification beyond these into the channels you have to earn, and that’s where the most powerful and engaging stories shine through and can deliver massive ROI.

The current norm is back to front – companies tend to look at what channels they currently use, and then retrofit the (often disparate) stories that will best ignite these channels. The medium is controlling the content.

Instead get your story right, then use the digital platforms and channels that best tell this story, rather then endlessly brainstorming for tactics that may get versions of the story told through your existing digital structure.