The Process

We offer solutions and implementation to accelerate the path to your business goals beyond simple ‘creative workshops’ and moderated brainstorms. We achieve this via an eight step, month-long program.

Step 1 Intelligence

We investigate how your business is perceived by the world via a digital reputation audit. This includes:

  • Your company
  • Your people
  • Your sector(including key competitors)
  • Your targets

Step 2 Interrogation

We talk, in confidence, with all the stakeholders you identify as the best informed about your business, gaining their insights into challenges and opportunities:

  • Your providers
  • Your customers
  • Your partners
  • Your agencies

Step 3 Aggregation

We pool then analyse this intel to identify:

  • Recurring issues
  • Challenges
  • Opportunities

Step 4 Origination

We devise creative, enterprise-driven solutions to the key business challenges you and your stakeholders have identified:

  • Using our network of experts(for your industry)
  • Plus your key stakeholders
  • Including your agencies(if desired)

Step 5 Alpha Testing

In short:

  • Solutions are road tested
  • The mechanics are refined(based on your feedback)

Step 6 Beta Testing

For this, we will:

  • Revisit each stakeholder(that you specify)
  • Ascertain objection vs. resistance
  • Refine as needed

Step 7 Immersion

During this stage, we:

  • Run a participative testing session
  • Structure group exercises(with idea activators)
  • Finalise solutions as a team

Step 8 Delivery

Wrapping up, we:

  • Finalise implementation(and business acceleration plan)
  • Present to stakeholders
  • Implement if desired